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Cesaro Summability Vinyl


I have had two sellers of this vinyl contact me in recent weeks, and I said I would give their auctions a plug…you will find their listings below. One of them has no reserve, so it will be interesting to see what the market judges this item to be worth. Good luck to David and Chris who are both parting with this fine item!

Cesaro Summability is a limited edition vinyl released as a promo with Aenima in 1996. This vinyl is now extremely rare, and on the odd chance you see it come up on Ebay, you will be lucky to get it for under $250. The picture disc features some great artwork (see below) of a man coming out of the water. Very airy. What info I have found on the vinyl suggest that limited amounts of the vinyl were pressed, and I have read suggestions that they made as few as 5000 of these. This is truly a rare collectors item, and consider yourself very fortunate to own a copy if you do!


Tool / Cesaro Summability / 12″ / Picture Disc / 1996 / BMG Music / Zoo Entertainment
Recorded at: Ocean Way Studios + The Hook Studios, Hollywood, CA, USA – 1995/1996

[phpbay]Cesaro Summability, 3, 306, “undertow”[/phpbay]
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