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**Important** This page is a quick tag search from eBay that searches for Aenima vinyl. As 80% of the vinyl listings for Aenima on eBay are currently counterfeit you will need to take care when bidding. I can’t control which specific auctions eBay displays. So before bidding I would check out the Tool Vinyl Buyers Guide and the Fake Tool Vinyl Guide.

[phpbay]AENIMA, 5, 306, “undertow”[/phpbay]

I still don’t own a copy my self, so will be very jelious if you manage to score a copy.


  1. Yellow vinyl?? Is this for real? It seems to me as a fraud. Anyone knowes the story on this one?

  2. Hi Peter, Yes the yellow Aenima is fake, I will be adding it to the fake section soon. Listings in this post are generated based on keywords and categories, I can’t stop fakes showing up easily.

  3. Are all coloured ones fake, or just the Yellow ones? I’ve been seeing green ones on ebay as well

  4. Hi Josh, all the coloured one are fake, I have added a green image to the fake guide. I am sorry they keep showing up on this site, they keep getting by my filters…by using keywords that I use to get items on this site!

  5. Is the European reissue of the Tool Aenima vinyl legit (black vinyl, same cover as the 1st print run, no picture sleeve – just standard white ones, label has the bar code number and side)? If it is legit, what should be the fair price for the European reissue (obviously, significantly less than the 1st print run)?

  6. Michael: I think it’s fake, I have never heard of a european re-issue, sounds like the sort of thing bootlegers use to get their crap out onto the market, because people think it must be rare. I don’t know for sure, but I would say it fake.

  7. Ales…..I bought the fake aenima vinyl. It is a quite good rip off form the original. But you can tell some difference in colour and sharpness. The sound is quite familiar for me.

    So take your advantage or nott

  8. hello,
    not sure what the rules are about advertising on here (apologies if im not aloud to advertise) but im selling this on discogs:

    Prision Sex White Vinyl UK – Promo

    Release: 1993
    01- Prison Sex
    02- Undertow (live)
    03- Opiate (live)
    04- Prison Sex (edit)
    Catalog# 74321 19432-1


    ps. this site saved me buying a heap of bootlegs, top site 🙂

  9. I don’t mind you advertising aaron, I am looking at setting up a free buy/sell marketplace soon…just need to time to put it together.

  10. Soooo I’m going to follow in Aaron’s footsteps here. I do have a real 1996 Aenima record I’m willing to part with. It is opened but still in decent shape. Regardless, it is an original. I’m posted on craigslist in Ohio…Lima/Findlay area. Look in the collectibles section under the Sept. 9th postings for “Records: Pearl Jam” blah blah blah “Tool Aenima…”. Click on the link to email me and make me an offer I can’t refuse. And I’ll definitely send pics to you for proof. I have one guy already interested in most of my lot, so let me know soon. Thanks, btw, for such an awesome site!

  11. UPDATE on my last post. My Tool Aenima album will likely still be available for awhile yet. Check my above post to find me on craigslist if you’re interested. I may eventually just put it up on ebay so I’ll post again once this happens. Thanks!

  12. I bought an Aenima album through amazon. It is orange and side 1,2,3,4 are all labeled side three with the tracks for side three. all the music is there. Is this fake?

  13. Hi,just got back from Barcelona,i am concerned to see one store had two copies of the Lataralus promo sampler picture disc LATER1.
    Ltd to 500 worldwide ?mmmmm at just 20.Bargain or bootleg?.

  14. I don’t mind purchasing a bootleg edition of Aenima (specifically the coloured vinyl edition), but I would like to know what the sound quality is like. Is it passable? Is there a huge difference between that and the original pressing? Thank-you

  15. Just received my 96 1st pressing release of Aenima on Vinyl in the mail the other day and couldn’t be happier. I feel I got it for a great price and have a strong feeling it’s value is only going to increase. Now I’m looking to get my mitts on that Cesaro Vinyl. It’s so gorgeous!


  16. All of these are fakes. I’m not sure I would even call them fakes there technically bootlegs. Aenema was only released once and limited copies were put out. A legit copy of aenima would cost you several hundred dollars even into the thousands. So it really doesn’t matter which one you buy in the listings becsue there the same bootlegs which is why there so cheap

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