10,000 Days could finally be getting an official vinyl release + More


A recent reddit post has highlighted an email conversation between a fan and Danny, where Danny replies telling the fan that the band is currently remastering all of their albums for release on vinyl. This is huge news for a number of reasons if it holds true. Firstly, 10,000 days has never had an official vinyl release. 2. A re-issue of Aenima would be massive given the inflated price of current official versions, and there hasn’t been an official release of Aenima since 1997. 3. Lateralus has only had picture disc releases, and depending on how lucky you are, and your setup, Lateralus picture discs can have a fair bit of surface noise. So new releases for all Tool albums in vinyl would be absolutely amazing. The wording using the term remaster, suggests that the albums will be getting new releases, rather than new runs of the old releases.

Obviously, given that we are talking about Tool, we need to keep a fairly skeptical attitude towards such news, as the band are well known for messing with their fans with this type of information. Here is the contents of the email, which was sent to Danny asking a question about a change.org petition to release 10,000 days on vinyl:

The petition won’t really matter. We are already in the process of remastering all of our albums for release on vinyl in the near future.
Thanks for your enthusiasm Josh.

>On Aug 9, 2017 at 9.29AM XX XX wrote
> Hi Danny, I have been trying to get a petition going, to get 10,000 days/Aenima on vinyl. Would this be at all possible given a certain amount of signatures? Thanks for your time.
> https://www.change.org/p/the-band-tool-10-000-days-on-vinyl/

Tool do have a history of releasing interesting items leading up to the release of a new studio album, and all news suggest a new album isn’t too far away, so to me this information has some credibility, and possibility of being true.

Older releases of Aenima will likely take a dive in value if the market becomes saturated with the new releases, but I think this a good thing. No-one should have to pay $300-500 to hear Aenima on vinyl.




  1. It would be interesting to see how Tool would package the 10,000 Days vinyl. Does this mean that they will also release Salival on vinyl as well? It just raises some questions from their annoying fans (me included).

  2. Ladies and Gentlemen!
    SALIVAL 2.0!
    Salival 2.0 is basically the first limited edition, only on vinyl! If you order now for $1499.99, you will not only get the vinyl packaging and discs…you will also get your own private theater that only shows Tool’s music videos that they’ve made so far.
    There are 6 nonexistent secrets on this album

  3. this would be incredible… but this band basically let’s me down constantly…
    I’ve better chances of conversatin’ with my hga tonight than them releasing a new album let alone official remasters of their previous albums.

  4. So I just started looking for Tool vinyl- was seeing it cheap on eBay and that had me thinking they had already reissued the albums but the only news I can find is from 2017, so I’m guessing these records are probably fakes? A lot of the listings aren’t showing pictures of the actual item- just cover art :/

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