New Tool Album – Fear Inoculum Vinyl


Update: 15 of April 2021 – Joe Barresi confirmed in an interview that the album has actually been mastered for vinyl, i.e. a different master from the digital version used on the CD and digital formats. Source: here.

Update: 25th of April 2020 – There is still no official word from the band on a release of Fear Inoculum on vinyl. There are a heap of counterfeit copies out’s a small sample.

Initial post: With today’s announcement of the new album coming out in 30 days, I thought it would be a good time to start a new post and add information we have as it comes out.

The release date will be August 30th, 2019, however, I’m not holding my breath of a vinyl release on day one, but I guess we can only hope.


1: “Fear Inoculum”

2: “Pneuma”

3: “Litanie contre la Peur”

4: “Invincible”

5: “Legion Inoculant”

6: “Descending”

7: “Culling Voices”

8: “Chocolate Chip Trip”

9: “7empest”

10: “Mockingbeat”

I will add details as I find them.


  1. I’ve read many rumors of Fear Inoculum being released on vinyl come November 2019, possibly record store day.

  2. Ich würde behaupten “Nein”
    Es macht den Eindruck als wäre dies eine Inoffizielle Pressung.
    Hatte vor einigen Tagen 2 Händler bei ebay angeschrieben und zwar mehrmals.
    Auf meine Frage,ob dies eine Offizielle Pressung sei wurde bisher nicht geantwortet.
    Sehr Seltsam wie ich finde.

  3. ALL TOOL ITEMS ARE COUNTERFEIT. Fucking liars time after time, always shenanigans around this band. They make good music but always FUCK THE FANS. Fuck you Tool!! For example, how do I get the vinyl release of the album? Welcome to the fucking rabbit hole.

  4. I think Tool’s done with vinyl for the most part. I think biggest clue about that is the fact they made all their content (with the exception of salival) digital for anybody to listen to without any need for physical copies.

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