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New Tool Album – Fear Inoculum Vinyl


Update: 15 of April 2021 – Joe Barresi confirmed in an interview that the album has actually been mastered for vinyl, i.e. a different master from the digital version used on the CD and digital formats. Source: here.

Update: 25th of April 2020 – There is still no official word from the band on a release of Fear Inoculum on vinyl. There are a heap of counterfeit copies out’s a small sample.

Initial post: With today’s announcement of the new album coming out in 30 days, I thought it would be a good time to start a new post and add information we have as it comes out.

The release date will be August 30th, 2019, however, I’m not holding my breath of a vinyl release on day one, but I guess we can only hope.


1: “Fear Inoculum”

2: “Pneuma”

3: “Litanie contre la Peur”

4: “Invincible”

5: “Legion Inoculant”

6: “Descending”

7: “Culling Voices”

8: “Chocolate Chip Trip”

9: “7empest”

10: “Mockingbeat”

I will add details as I find them.