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10,000 Days could finally be getting an official vinyl release + More


A recent reddit post has highlighted an email conversation between a fan and Danny, where Danny replies telling the fan that the band is currently remastering all of their albums for release on vinyl. This is huge news for a number of reasons if it holds true. Firstly, 10,000 days has never had an official vinyl release. 2. A re-issue of Aenima would be massive given the inflated price of current official versions, and there hasn’t been an official release of Aenima since 1997. 3. Lateralus has only had picture disc releases, and depending on how lucky you are, and your setup, Lateralus picture discs can have a fair bit of surface noise. So new releases for all Tool albums in vinyl would be absolutely amazing. The wording using the term remaster, suggests that the albums will be getting new releases, rather than new runs of the old releases.

Obviously, given that we are talking about Tool, we need to keep a fairly skeptical attitude towards such news, as the band are well known for messing with their fans with this type of information. Here is the contents of the email, which was sent to Danny asking a question about a petition to release 10,000 days on vinyl:

The petition won’t really matter. We are already in the process of remastering all of our albums for release on vinyl in the near future.
Thanks for your enthusiasm Josh.

>On Aug 9, 2017 at 9.29AM XX XX wrote
> Hi Danny, I have been trying to get a petition going, to get 10,000 days/Aenima on vinyl. Would this be at all possible given a certain amount of signatures? Thanks for your time.

Tool do have a history of releasing interesting items leading up to the release of a new studio album, and all news suggest a new album isn’t too far away, so to me this information has some credibility, and possibility of being true.

Older releases of Aenima will likely take a dive in value if the market becomes saturated with the new releases, but I think this a good thing. No-one should have to pay $300-500 to hear Aenima on vinyl.



Tool 10,000 Days vinyl


Update: March 2017 – Still nothing.

Update 27th November 2010 (from official band website):

Q: “Will the band be releasing and official vinyl version of “10,000 Days” at all? And would they consider doing a re-issue of “Aenima” on vinyl for those of us who can’t afford an original?”

A: I don’t know about Aenima, but I’m fairly certain that “10,000 Days” vinyl will be released soon – this because I’ve recently seen some test-pressings at Danny’s manse.

Looking through the referral and search statistics for this site I have found a lot of people are searching for info on Tool’s 10000 Days on vinyl. Two problems 1) as of right now (August 2009) Tool have not released a vinyl version of 10,000 days. 2) Bootleggers know this and have been pumping out fakes onto the market to fill this need.

I will be regularly checking the official tool website and when/ if they do decide to release a copy of 10,000 days on vinyl, I will update you with this information. Please don’t be tempted to buy fakes off ebay. They are not legit copies and none of the sale price ends up in the band members pockets.

What do fake copies look like?

The 10,000 days vinyl releases on Ebay do look very legit, I can see how people would get confused into thinking they are real. They are not. I have mentioned this vinyl in my Tool Fake Vinyl Guide, along with a whole heap of other fake vinyl’s out there.

Here are some photos of the current fake vinyl records on Ebay so you know what to avoid:

Here is a live search widget that will display current 10,000 days vinyls on ebay. Right now they will all be fake, so don’t waste your time. If the real deal does come onto the market I will update my search code to display official releases.

Current Tool – 10,000 Days Fake Crap on Ebay
[phpbay]tool days, 3, 306, “undertow”[/phpbay]

Tool – Aenima LP Vinyl


What can I say about this album on vinyl? Well I wish I owned a copy, that’s for sure. I am not all that keen on paying $200 + on ebay to get one. Although I was a big fan of this album when it was first released I wasn’t into vinyl collecting at the time, so I don’t own a copy.

The artwork for this album is nothing special. It’s not a picture disc, and the front cover has none of the holographic qualities of the original CD version.

Album: Ænima
Label: BMG Music / Zoo Entertainment / Volcano Entertainment
Produced by: Tool / David Bottrill
Recorded at: Ocean Way Studios + The Hook Studios, Hollywood, CA, USA – 1995/1996

1. “Stinkfist” (Keenan/Jones/Carey/D’Amour) – 5:11
2. “Eulogy” (Keenan/Jones/Carey/D’Amour) – 8:28
3. “H.” – 6:07
4. “Useful Idiot” – 0:38
5. “Forty-Six & 2” – 6:04
6. “Message to Harry Manback” – 1:53
7. “Hooker With a Penis” – 4:33
8. “Intermission” – 0:56
9. “jimmy” – 5:24
10. “Die Eier von Satan” – 2:17
11. “Pushit” (Keenan/Jones/Carey/D’Amour) – 9:55
12. “Cesaro Summability” – 1:26
13. “Ænema” (Keenan/Jones/Carey/D’Amour) – 6:39
14. “(-) Ions” – 4:00
15. “Third Eye” (Tool/Hicks) – 13:47 listen (help·info)

[phpbay]tool aenima, 3, 306, “undertow”[/phpbay]

Collective Unconscious Reference:

Album Notes: Bridging the gap between experimental-alternative, metal & progressive ideas of what an album “can be”, Ænima was released in 1996 to much anticipation from fans, critics & other artists. Opening with Stinkfist, a song that many consider to be a Tool-staple & closing with the mammoth Third Eye, also considered to be a staple, this album is as relevant today as it was in the mid-1990’s. Many Tool fans consider this album to the creative-pinnacle or the essential Tool-release for even the most haphazard of music fanatics. Each song denotes a certain comment on not only the macro-scale, society at large, but also on the micro-scale, an individual’s perception of their place in whatever reality they inhabit. Ænima is not an album that is absorbed after one single listen – this is an album that allows even the most rabid fan to hear something new with virtually ever listen. With the addition of Justin Chancellor on bass, who replaced Paul D’Amour, & thought-provoking subject matter, the album takes the listener on a journey – to what or where, that is not for me to say. Each song may mean something unique to you, me & the next person. As for the vinyl release, there were approximately 15,000 released in 1996 with no reprints. This is rather hard to find. Current prices for an average, opened vinyl range between $90 – $200 depending on different variables. For an sealed / unopened copy, I cannot even hazard a guess as to a price.