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What can I say about this album on vinyl? Well I wish I owned a copy, that’s for sure. I am not all that keen on paying $200 + on ebay to get one. Although I was a big fan of this album when it was first released I wasn’t into vinyl collecting at the time, so I don’t own a copy.

The artwork for this album is nothing special. It’s not a picture disc, and the front cover has none of the holographic qualities of the original CD version.

Album: Ænima
Label: BMG Music / Zoo Entertainment / Volcano Entertainment
Produced by: Tool / David Bottrill
Recorded at: Ocean Way Studios + The Hook Studios, Hollywood, CA, USA – 1995/1996

1. “Stinkfist” (Keenan/Jones/Carey/D’Amour) – 5:11
2. “Eulogy” (Keenan/Jones/Carey/D’Amour) – 8:28
3. “H.” – 6:07
4. “Useful Idiot” – 0:38
5. “Forty-Six & 2” – 6:04
6. “Message to Harry Manback” – 1:53
7. “Hooker With a Penis” – 4:33
8. “Intermission” – 0:56
9. “jimmy” – 5:24
10. “Die Eier von Satan” – 2:17
11. “Pushit” (Keenan/Jones/Carey/D’Amour) – 9:55
12. “Cesaro Summability” – 1:26
13. “Ænema” (Keenan/Jones/Carey/D’Amour) – 6:39
14. “(-) Ions” – 4:00
15. “Third Eye” (Tool/Hicks) – 13:47 listen (help·info)

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Collective Unconscious Reference:

Album Notes: Bridging the gap between experimental-alternative, metal & progressive ideas of what an album “can be”, Ænima was released in 1996 to much anticipation from fans, critics & other artists. Opening with Stinkfist, a song that many consider to be a Tool-staple & closing with the mammoth Third Eye, also considered to be a staple, this album is as relevant today as it was in the mid-1990’s. Many Tool fans consider this album to the creative-pinnacle or the essential Tool-release for even the most haphazard of music fanatics. Each song denotes a certain comment on not only the macro-scale, society at large, but also on the micro-scale, an individual’s perception of their place in whatever reality they inhabit. Ænima is not an album that is absorbed after one single listen – this is an album that allows even the most rabid fan to hear something new with virtually ever listen. With the addition of Justin Chancellor on bass, who replaced Paul D’Amour, & thought-provoking subject matter, the album takes the listener on a journey – to what or where, that is not for me to say. Each song may mean something unique to you, me & the next person. As for the vinyl release, there were approximately 15,000 released in 1996 with no reprints. This is rather hard to find. Current prices for an average, opened vinyl range between $90 – $200 depending on different variables. For an sealed / unopened copy, I cannot even hazard a guess as to a price.


  1. Man I wish I could have this Album on Vinyl. I have the original CD and have been a Tool fan since Opiate. Just goes to show you should always trust your feelings when standing in a record store holding onto a Vinyl and wondering if you should buy it. aaaahhhhhhh.

  2. I know what you mean….and now if you want to buy it you have to part with the best part of a mortgage payment. 🙁

  3. There is one for sale behind the counter at Amoeba Records in Hollywood for $600!!! It’s been there for a while, too. Apparently, not too many Tool fans have that kind of money to spend on vinyl, including myself!

  4. Just a heads up to you tool fans out there. If you do decide to spring some cheese for a Aenima LP, make sure it is legit. There are bootleg copies floating around that are not original, yet they are so new that people are thinking they are getting the real deal. The original copy will have picture inner sleeves with a blueish guy, pics of the band, the third eye, and Bill Hicks the comedian with a doctor on them.
    Also the labels on the actual discs have designs on them with very little writing and are grey in color.

    One of the bootlegs has no picture inner sleeves and has black labels with a white rectangular marking…this copy is on black vinyl.

    The other bootleg is pressed on yellow vinyl. I forget with the label and inner sleeves look like. Both bootlegs have the BMG/ZOO logo on the back side of the outer cover.

    These are going for outrageous prices on ebay right now (over 100 bucks and counting), but can be picked up from other places online like MusicStack and I found one on On these sites they go for 43 – 80 USD.

    So dont be fooled…make sure if you buy a copy and want it to be an original check out everything about the LP. Otherwise you may be getting less than what you paid for. If you want this bootleg don’t pay too much for it because there are probably places you can find it for much less.

    One last thing….I am still trying to figure out if this is a reissue or a bootleg….I’m leaning towards bootleg because I cannot find any info anywhere about an official re-issue release….and to me that is really odd considering this is such a highly sought after LP.

  5. I was just wonderin of there was anyway to tell if my Aenima vinyl is legit without opening the shrink wrap? dont want to break the seal jst to see if its real:-(

  6. I do have an original copy of Aenima on vinyl that has never been opened that I am trying to sell. This is not a bootleg, it is an original release, still in the plastic with the promo stickers still on it. Just some wear at the corners from age and storage. If anyone is interested, please let me know. I also have unopened copies of Opiate, Undertow and Lateralus all on vinyl, the Salival DVD box set, and an imported cd single of Prison Sex.

  7. hey Jessica im interested in that vinyl how much are you willing to part with it for? email me tgeorge_55 @ hotmail

  8. got way back in 96, never thought about it be so collectable. back then i tried to everything that was released on vinyl. still seald and framed on my wall.

  9. I also picked up a sealed copy back in 96, being 18 at the time i opened it up, pealed the stickers off the front to put on my “walkman” and played it to death, only to my horror what a sealed copy goes for on ebay 10 years later… F@#$%

  10. i’m trying to get rid of a tool promo vinyl
    i think it came out in 96
    its got stinkfist and opiate on one side, and sober and prison sex on the other side.
    anyone know what it should go for?

  11. I bought my (used) copy at Aaron’s in Hollywood in 2000.
    Cost me either 9 or 10 dollars. Cover’s a bit busted, but I’m
    in it for the music, so that’s ok I guess. Only found out recently it’s collectable…

  12. So I walk into Waterloo records (Austin, Tx) and the first thing I see is a sealed aenima, actually several (about 5) for 48.99. I was hesistant to buy and asked to clerk how legit it was and he said it was a real copy. I didn’t think he knew how rare the record was but I bought it anyways and checked for the barcode and it was a matching one. The vinyl is yellow with generic white sleeves, I was pissed! I’m going to keep it but why are they selling these boots in actual stores? Who’s getting paid?

  13. gday , just another little question bout aenima, did the vinyl only come out in black, sounds like the one ive got is the real deal by the way its been described by douggie but one of the vinyls is whiteish and the other one is yellowish with grey bits on the inner circle of the vinyl with little writing, can any one help me out with this, maybe someone who has an original, and if mine is a fake im keen on buying the real deal if you could point me in the right

  14. If you email me a picture Jezza I might be able to help…If the vinyl is Yellow it’s fake though…regardless of what else the sleeve might have in it.

  15. gday ryan, well done getting a real copy, can you tell me wat colour the vinyl is please mate, ive got a yellow see through and white see through, it came in white sleeves with art work on its own inside

  16. Jezza they’re both solid black vinyls and side A ends in a locked groove. I bought a bootleg copy a few weeks back which had a solid yellow vinyl and a clear yellow vinyl. Sound quality is OK but definitely a boot. The most recent copy I acquired has the actual printed art record sleeves w/ the third eye, bill hicks, and the blue dude.

  17. thanks ryan, bit pissed off, i bought it on line from a record shop, if you know where to get another copy i would love to know, cheers mate

  18. Ok, here’s something I have never seen or heard of before. And I’ve been collecting Tool on vinyl for a while!

    Could you tell us all if this is legit, or just a cash grab by a greedy so and so? I have never heard of Classic Records (a reputable company by the way), preparing a vinyl remaster of Aenima.

    Here’s the link to the mob trying to sell it:

    Note the ridiculous price! Which I would actually pay if this can be confirmed as a legit test pressing.

    Thanks 🙂

  19. Fuck that asshole trying to charge $1,000 for this LP. Yes, a mint copy would be astounding but no one will buy this for $1000. The End.

  20. That’s just f*cking ridiculous! I was looking for lateralus on vinyl the other day only to realise it’s out of print. What a bunch of arrogant tools this band is? Collectors items my ass. Get the stuff in print that people can enjoy the damn music and not your bullshit arrogance. Tool is really NOT THAT GREAT. I’m a fan, but really…not the best musicians!

  21. I got an original copy of Aenima on vinyl that has never been opened. This is not a bootleg, it is an original release, still in the plastic with the promo stickers still on it. Seems like it’s a collectors item…. I live in Denmark but could send it if someone is really keen.

  22. Hi Hefty, you are welcome to try selling the item on the marketplace….your comments might get more attention there….although you need an eBay account. Cheers.

  23. stefmeister, you are, for lack of a better word, a tool. You expect a band to keep creating Vinyl for a CD that’s been out almost 10 years? You say they are not that great, yet you are looking for LIMITED EDITION vinyl from Tool. And you think it’s their fault. Everyone can enjoy their music…it’s not like they stopped selling the CD. Go away.

  24. November 11, 2010 at 4:47 pm

    Ok…so i have a pressing of this album that is not a boot…I actually had two of them at one time….one had a different bar code than the other and also on the spine one had the words tool written larger than the other. One had “Volcano/Zoo/BMG listed in the credits at the bottom of the back side of the cover…and the other only had BMG/ZOO. Both had the pic sleeves. One has more prominent patterns/markings on the labels….the other one did not. I sold one of them not too long ago but I’m wondering if anyone else has seen two different original pressings. I know for sure neither of these were the recent bootlegs…but I’m thinking Zoo/BMG/Volcano released different ones back in 96 -98 when they were fighting over copy rights. If you do some research on ebay and also on popsike you will find both of these….I just dont know which one came first? The one I still have must be a promo because it has a saw cut in the sleeve…any info you folks out there might have would be great!


  25. you hit the nail on the head there rantonio, stefmeister you are a tool, if you dont think there that great why are you whinging about it on a site for real tool fans trying to weed the bootlegers out and give people a heads up on what not to buy and who not to buy it off! obviously your in it to make money, where as a real fan is in it for the music

  26. I,ve been & still am a HUGE TOOL fan! & was fortunate to see them many many times, going back to “91” in little dives that only held maybe 700 to 1000 people! Tho back in 1996, i was totally anticipating the new release of “AENIMA! I had read in the local paper here in Detroit, that the first 100 people to purchase the “AENIMA” CD~ at “BESTBUY” would receive a collectors edition, of a 78 RPM VINYL RECORD! needless to say…..i was the 1st one in the store! I bought the CD of “AENIMA” & Received the colloctors, 78 RPM vinyl album!!
    Side A has “STINKFIST & “OPIATE” & side B has “SOBER & PRISON SEX” …It is a “Pictured Album with images of two humanoid heads, connected at the neck & the both are holding some sort of “Dagger” in their teeth!! Side A, the picture is a little different, tho not by much….. The two figures are reaching up w/their hands! It has never been opened or played & is in the original clear, thick, plastic sleeve! I have no idea how much this is worth? It doenst sound like any of the vinyl albums described in all the above albums!
    Does anyone have any idea? or own this collectable vinyl? & how much it could possibly be worth?….to the right buyer? I havent seen this 78 RPM Vinyl LP, anywhere on “E-Bay” or any other site?
    My E-Mail addy is. (

  27. ” I have no idea how much this is worth? It doenst sound like any of the vinyl albums described in all the above albums! Does anyone have any idea? or own this collectable vinyl? & how much it could possibly be worth?.to the right buyer? I havent seen this 78 RPM Vinyl LP, anywhere on E-Bay or any other site?My E-Mail addy is. (”
    I just saw the exact record you described on ebay for $69 buy it now.
    I don’t know if its worth it but that’s the only one I’ve seen . However, I did just pick up an official copy of Aenima 2nd pressing on black vinyl for $76 on ebay. There’s another with the bidding at $71 today ( 8-12-12) .
    I also have a marbled yellow bootleg copy. It was mastered from a cd so it doesn’t sound quite right. It’s a little quiet, but I didn’t care at the time, so I bought it.

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