1991 Tool – Cassette Demo Tape


Notes / 2006: Finally, a replacement copy that is authentic. New scans above.
Notes: Tool’s demo tape. They are studio quality but have a slight tape hiss to the them, which is actually pretty hard to pick out. Interesting if you want to hear the demo’s. This was originally only in cassette format & was distributed at gigs. Soon, copies were made & they started spreading out. The demos even ended up on bootlegs like Sleep Forever. Word has it that they last one they gave out to a fan somewhere in the mid-west US during 1992 from the sound engineer or crew. Most copies of the demo tape are from MP3 source, this is not. There is a rumor that Tool did a cover of Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train but all that is – a rumor. Also, there is an unreleased Rage Against The Machine w/Tool collaboration entitled “Kill The Revolutionary” that features both bands. It is of rough quality & was a demo for the film Judgment Night but was not used nor did it make it on the soundtrack — in case you don’t know, back in 1992/1993, the soundtrack featured bands like Cypress Hill w/Sonic Youth, Helmet w/House Of Pain & other metal/rap acts to collaborate on an album. Good movie as well. Anyway, the songs below are the actual studio demos, nothing ‘illicit’ or really unreleased.
Note: There are quite a few counterfeit cassette copies floating around. Beware – eBay may not be your friend.

Time: 22:41

Original Cassette Demo

3:45 = Cold & Ugly
2:37 = Hush
2:56 = Part of Me
4:46 = Crawl Away
4:29 = Sober
3:57 = Jerk-Off
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  1. how many copies were printed of the cassette? most sites say 200-1500.. have you ever sourced out the facts on this?

  2. also is there a version of “maynard’s dick” on the cassette? wikipedia says there is.. but i haven’t found anything to confirm….

  3. @fre I thought the same thing when I saw Wikipedia, but it turns out it’s only stating that an early version of the song was recorded during the sessions for the demo tape but was not included. Can confirm it is not on the tape.

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