Tool Vinyl Buyers Guide


Updated: December 2018

This guide is a buyers/sellers guide for tool vinyl. I have put together all the information you will need to find the correct official tool vinyl. Each vinyl has photos and identifiers to ensure you get the correct vinyl and not get ripped off. If you are buying online, I highly suggest you use the information in this guide to ask sellers questions. If you find any information you believe to be incorrect in this guide, get in touch via the contact page and I will investigate.

Opiate – Vinyl, 12″, EP

  • A1- Sweat 3:47
  • A2- Hush 2:48
  • A3- Part Of Me 3:17
  • B1- Cold And Ugly (Live) 4:10 / The Gaping Lotus Experience (2:21)
  • B2- Jerk-Off (Live) 4:22
  • B3- Opiate 5:22

72445-11027-1 – 1996 Original Release

These pressings have the Zoo cat# 72445-11027-1 printed on the back cover, inner sleeve and labels. PA “Explicit Lyrics” sticker (a bigger one) is placed on cover (under shrink). Sealed in old style with vertical shrink overlap visible on back. Inner sleeves are printed and contains the cat# on front bottom center of sleeve (printed in white). The labels are black.

61422-31027-1 – Volcano Reissue – 1997

Notes: This Volcano reissue uses a sleeve that still contains the Zoo logo. The label says Volcano. Because of that, the old Zoo cat# of 72445-11027-1 is in small print on the back, however, the vinyl contains the new cat#. These have “PARENTAL ADVISORY” stickers on the front of the jacket (unlike later repressings that have it printed on the jacket.) Side B is double cut, e.g. if you nudge the needle over on Cold & Ugly (B1), you hit a second groove, which plays the hidden track The Gaping Lotus Experience. Manufactured By – Zomba Recording Corporation, Distributed By – BMG Music – Phonographic Copyright (p) – Volcano Entertainment III


  • Barcode: 6 1422-31027-1 9
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A): 61422-31027-1-A3 RE
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B): 61422-31027-1-B4 RE

Back of sleeve: The BMG and Zoo Entertainment logos are trademarks of BMG Music, ℗ © 1992 BMG Music • All Rights Reserved, Manufactured and Distributed by BMG Entertainment, New York, NY • Printed in U.S.A. 72445-11027-1
On vinyl sticker: ℗ & © Volcano Entertainment 3, L.L.C. Manufactured by Zomba Recording Corporation All rights reserved. Printed in U.S.A., 61422-31027-1


61422-31027-1 – 2007 Reissue 

Most recent release in 2017, very common, has white labels, *Track B1 is double-cut with “The Gaping Lotus Experience.” When one track is playing, bump the needle over to play the other. That’s why the track looks like it’s 7 minutes.

Labels: ℗ & © Volcano Entertainment 3, L.L.C., Manufactured by Zomba Recording Corporation. All rights reserved. Printed in the U.S.A. 61422-31027-1
Back cover: ℗ © 1992 BMG Music, Manufactured and Distributed by BMG Entertainment, New York, NY Original Cat. # of 72445-11027-1 included on back cover under barcode (see photo below).

Catalog#: 61422-31027-1 – Mispress

This mispress plays side B on both sides. This Volcano reissue uses a sleeve that still contains the Zoo logo. The label says Volcano. Because of that, the old Zoo cat# of 72445-11027-1 is in small print on the back, however, the vinyl contains the new cat#.

Differences from the correct pressing:

  • The spine does not contain the name of the EP or the band.
  • The copyright information is a slightly different font and colour.
  • The Parental Advisory is not part of the sleeve, it is a sticker.
  • Both sides are double cut.

Etching: 72445-11027-1-A1 on both sides.

Catalog#: 61422-31027-1 – Undertow Mispress

All of the labels and cover suggest this album is Opiate, however it’s actually a misprint tracks from Undertow A1-Intolerance, A2-Prison Sex, A3- Sober, B1-Bottom, B2-Crawl Away, B3-Swamp Song. The cover and type of sealing are identical to 1997 Reissue, so the only way to know if you have one is to listen to the album. 

Opiate Vinyl on eBay:

Undertow – 2 x Vinyl, LP, Album

Released: April 6, 1993

  • A1- Intolerance 4:54
  • A2- Prison Sex 4:55
  • A3- Sober 5:06
  • B1- Bottom 7:13
  • B2- Crawl Away 5:29
  • B3- Swamp Song 5:31
  • C1- Undertow 5:21
  • C2- 4° 6:02
  • C3- Flood 7:45
  • D1- Disgustipated 15:47

Undertow Grey Promo 12″ Vinyl

Catalog#: ZP11052-1

  • For Promotion only not for resale.
  • Manufactured and Distributed by BMG Music, New York, NY. Printed in the USA.
  • Published by Toolshed Music [ASCAP].

Undertow Clear Green Promo 12″ Vinyl

Catalog#: ZP11052-1

  • For Promotion only not for resale.
  • Manufactured and Distributed by BMG Music, New York, NY. Printed in the USA.
  • Published by Toolshed Music [ASCAP].
  • 72445-11052-1 On labal

Neither of the promotional vinyls included the final track “Disgustipated” so that the entire album could fit onto one disc. Both the Clear Green and Grey releases were in 1993.

Catalog# 72445-11052-1 -RE – 1996 release with printed sleeves 

This is the first full release of the Undertow with all tracks. This one comes with printed inner sleeves and a parental advisory sticker on the front of the vinyl jacket. Has very faint catalog number on bottom spine. Zoo logo and BMG logo on back sleeve, barcode (1 ¼” L x 5/8” h), barcode is 61422-31052-1, Has Parental Advisory Sticker on bottom right of front sleeve,  Shrink wrap sealed from front top to bottom center of back sleeve side.

How to Identify: Printed inner sleeves rather than generic white sleeves like the later versions, “x-ray” labels. “Parental Advisory” sticker on shrink wrap that is larger and has more white, see photo below.

  • Etching: Side A: 72445-11052-1-A , Side B: 72445-11052-1-B, Side C: 72445-11052-1-C , Side D: 72445-11052-1-D
  • Label: ℗ & © BMG Music. All rights reserved. 72445-11052-1-RE
  • Back of vinyl: “The BMG and Zoo Entertainment logos are trademarks of BMG Music • ℗ © 1993 BMG Music • All Rights Reserved • Manufactured and Distributed by BMG Entertainment, New York, NY • Printed in U.S.A. • 72445-11052-1-RE”

Catalog#: 61422-31052-1- Repress 1999

1999 re-issue Sony BMG Music Released in the original Zoo sleeve. This Volcano reissue uses a sleeve that still contains the Zoo logo. The label says Volcano and Tool Dissectional. Because of that, the old Zoo cat# of 72445-11052-1-RE is in small print on the back, however, the vinyl contains the new cat#.  This sleeve has a Parental Advisory sticker on the cover.

How to Identify: Generic inners, plain white labels, “PA” sticker, back of sleeve has Sony BMG logo.

  • Etching: Side A: 72445-31052-1-A1, Side B: 72445-31052-1-B1, Side C: 72445-31052-1-C1, Side D: 72445-31052-1-D1
  • On label: ℗ & © 1993 Volcano Entertainment II, LLC.  Manufactured in the United States by Zomba Recording Corporation. Printed in U.S.A. 61422-31052-1
  • On sleeve: ℗© 1993 BMG Music.  Manufactured and distributed by BMG Entertainment. Barcode: 6 1422-31052-1 5

Catalog#: 61422-31052-1-Repress 2006 

The 2006 repress is very generic. There are generic white inners, the PA sign is printed not snickered. The back sleeve no longer has the Sony BMG logo, they are Tool Dissectional and volcano logos.

How to Identify: Generic inners, white labels, “PA” printed, not stickered

Undertow Vinyl on eBay:

Sober 12″, Picture Disc, Promo, UK


  • A – Sober 5:06
  • B1 – Prison Sex 4:55
  • B2 – Intolerence 4:34

Catalog#: 74321220431

Artwork and lyrics pictured on both sides. Barcode: 7 43212 20431 5, Label Code: LC 6410 , Rights Society: BIEM/GEMA , Matrix / Runout (Side A (Etched)): 74321-22043-1-A1, Matrix / Runout (Side B (Etched)): 74321-22043-1-B1

Prision Sex White Vinyl UK – Promo

Release: 1993

  • 01- Prison Sex
  • 02- Undertow (live)
  • 03- Opiate (live)
  • 04- Prison Sex (edit)

Catalog# 74321 19432-1

If you are lucky you will find one with the big fat lady art card. Contains the original version of opiate from the opiate ep/, original version of all other tracks from the album undertow. Live versions of undertow and opiate recorded live at lollapalooza ’93 on the following dates: 7/20, charles town,wv; 7/21, burgettstown,pa; 8/6, irwindale,ca.

Sober 12″ Promo Vinyl

Released: 1994

  • A1- Sober
  • B1- Intolerance (Live)

Catalog#: ANGST 1

Black Promo -Housed in a die cut black sleeve. Intolerance recorded at Lollapalooza, Charles Town, WV, 20 July 1993.

Prison Sex – Vinyl, 12″, Promo, Single UK

  • A1- Prison Sex
  • B1- Jerk-Off (Live)

Catalog#: TOOL 002

TOOL Prison Sex UK promotional-only vinyl 12″, also including a Live Version of Jerk Off, in plain black die-cut sleeve. Barcode and Other Identifiers: Matrix Number (Stamped): TOOL A-1-1-1, TOOL B-1-1-1

Tool Sober –  Vinyl, 12″, Promo, Single UK

  • A1- Sober 5:06
  • B1- Intolerence 4:54
  • B2- Opiate  5:22

Catalog#: TOOL 001

Housed in black sleeve. Original release came with 8×10 glossy photo of the band and a press release from BMG and is housed in a die cut black sleeve.

Aenima – 2 x Vinyl, Album, LP, Gatefold

Released: 17 Sep 1996

  • A1 – Stinkfist 5:11
  • A2 – Eulogy 8:29
  • A3 – H. 6:03
  • A4 – Useful Idiot 0:39
  • B1 – Forty Six & 2 6:03
  • B2 – Message To Harry Manback 1:53
  • B3 – Hooker With A Penis 4:34
  • B4 – Intermission 0:56
  • B5 – Jimmy 5:24
  • C1 – Die Eier Von Satan 2:17
  • C2 – Pushit 9:56
  • C3 – Cesaro Summability 1:26
  • C4 – Ænima 6:40
  • D1 – (-) Ions 4:00
  • D2 – Third Eye 13:47

The track “Useful Idiot” features the sound of the end of a gramophone record gaining more sound and gets louder as the track progresses. The track was set at the end of side 1 of the vinyl versions of Ænima as a joke to fool those who owned the version.

Catalog#: 61422 31087 1 Pressing A (1stPressing) (17 Sept – 1996)

It has a larger, more blurred “TOOL AENIMA” print on spine, only Zoo logo on back (no BMG logo) smaller barcode (1 ¼” L x 5/8” h), barcode is 61422-31087-1, catalog number on spine 61422-31087-1. Also a larger Zoo logo on spine(logo is ¼” diameter) (as compared to the 72445-11087-1 pressing.) The vinyl labels are significantly different as well. The back bottom reads: “The Zoo Entertainment logo is a trademark of Volcano Entertainment. • ℗ © 1996 Volcano Entertainment LLC 1540 Broadway New York, NY 10036 • Warning All Rights reserved • Unauthorized Duplication Is A Violation OF Applicable Laws • Manufactured and Distributed by BMG Entertainment, New York, NY • Printed in U.S.A. • 61422-31087-1”, Has Tool Aenima sticker front top left of shrink wrap, Has Parental Advisory Sticker on bottom right of front sleeve, Shrink wrap sealed from front top to bottom center of back sleeve side, Some copies have cut-out indicating promotional copy.

Catalog#: 72445 11087 1 – Pressing B (2nd Pressing) (17 Sept – 1996)

Release has printed labels, although very faint (look at photos below). Release has four black labeled sides, other than the runoutgrooves there are no side indications. Side A ends in a locked groove. This jacket has smaller “TOOL AENIMA” (the logo is 1 1/4″” long) and “Zoo” (13/8” L x 7/8” h) logos. Its barcode is larger and has a VERY faint catalog number on the bottom of the spine (it may be hard to see.) Back bottom reads: “The BMG and Zoo Entertainment logos are trademarks of BMG Music • ℗ © 1996 BMG Music • All Rights Reserved • Manufactured and Distributed by BMG Entertainment, New York, NY • Printed in U.S.A. • 72445-11087-1”, Catalog number on bottom spine 72445 11087 1, Large barcode (13/8” L x 7/8” h),  All vinyl have 72445-11087-1-A1 REI on them, Has Tool Aenima sticker front bottom center of shrink wrap, Has Parental Advisory Sticker on bottom right of front sleeve, Shrink wrap sealed from front top to bottom center of back sleeve side, Some sealed copies have over barcode sticker – 614224 11441, Comes with printed inner sleeves

Catalog#: 61422 31145 1– (3rd Pressing) (24 Jan – 1997)

It has a larger, more blurred “TOOL AENIMA” print on spine, only Zoo logo on back (no BMG logo), smaller barcode, catalog number on spine 61422-31145-1 and larger Zoo logo on spine. Sticker on shrink wrap reads: TOOL ÆNIMA 72445-11087-1 (different to spine + back bottom). Track A4 ends in a locked runout groove. The sound it contains, also continues on the run-in groove of side B. The back bottom reads: “The Zoo Entertainment logo is a trademark of Volcano Entertainment. • ℗ © 1996 Volcano Entertainment LLC 1540 Broadway New York, NY 10036 • Warning All Rights reserved • Unauthorized Duplication Is A Violation OF Applicable Laws • Manufactured and Distributed by BMG Entertainment, New York, NY • Printed in U.S.A. • 61422-31145-1”

Aenima Vinyl on eBay:
*I can’t control what specific auctions eBay show, so check to make sure you don’t bid on fakes.

Selections From Ænima

Released: 1996

  • A1- Stinkfist 5:10
  • A2- H. 6:07
  • A3- Useful Idiot 0:39
  • B1- Forty Six & 2 6:03
  • B2- Intermission 0:56
  • B3- Jimmy 5:23
  • B4- (-) Ions 3:58

Catalog#: Tool 001

Cesaro Summability 12″, Promo, Picture Disc, Limited Edition

Released: 1996

  • A1- Cesaro Summability 1:26
  • A2- Ænima 6:40
  • B- Third Eye 13:47

Catalog#: ZP17666-1

Ænima promotional picture disc limited to 5000 copies. Comes in a clear “collectors” sleeve (some with a Tool postcard/sticker promoting the release of the album).

Etching: Side A: L-47140 ZP17666-1-A Gateway LC, Side B: L-47140-X , ZP17666-1-B

Stinkfist 10″, Picture Disc, Promo

Released:01 Oct 1996

  • A1- Stinkfist
  • A2- Opiate
  • B1- Sober
  • B2- Prison Sex

Catalog#: ZP17211-1

This picture disc 10″ was given away with the first copies of Tool’s newly released (at the time) album Ænima.

Barcode and Other Identifiers:

  • Barcode (on sticker of sleeve): 6 1422-31721-1
  • Other (Etching): Side A: ZP 17211-1-A and L 47261
  • Other (Etching): Side B: ZP 17211-1-6 and L 47261-X

Lateralus 2 x Vinyl, LP, Album, Picture Disc, Limited Edition, Gatefold

Released:26 Aug 2005

  • A1- The Grudge 8:36
  • A2- Eon Blue Apocalypse 1:04
  • A3- The Patient 7:13
  • A4- Mantra 1:12
  • B1- Schism 6:47
  • B2- Parabol 3:04
  • B3- Parabola 6:03
  • B4- Disposition 4:46
  • C1- Ticks & Leeches 8:10
  • C2- Lateralus 9:24
  • D1- Reflection 11:07
  • D2- Triad 8:46
  • D3- Faaip De Oiad 2:39

Catalog#:61422-31160-1 LP and 61422-31160-1 LP

The catalog numbers are etched into the vinyl close to the centre –The cover is holographic, and it is a picture disc as shown in the photos below. There are counterfeit copies floating around, so make sure you look at the photos. Legit copies that are new will have the sticker, and the counterfeit copies have are scans rather than actually being holographic.  250-300 copies were hand-signed by all four band members and sold through the band’s website.

  • On back: ℗ & © 2000 Volcano Entertainment II, L.L.C. Manufactured in the United States by Zomba Recording Corporation Printed in the United States.
  • On Disc: ℗ & © 2001 Tool Dissectional, L.L.C. / Volcano Entertainment II, L.L.C.
  • On sleeve: ℗ & © 2003 Tool Dissectional, L.L.C. / Volcano Entertainment II, L.L.C. Manufactured in the United States by Zomba Recording Corporation.

Lateralus Vinyl on eBay:

Lateralus LP, Picture Disc, Promo, Limited Edition

Released: 2005

  • A1- The Grudge – 8:34
  • A2- Eon Blue Apocalypse – 1:05
  • A3- The Patient – 7:14
  • A4- Ticks & Leeches – 8:07
  • B1- Lateralus – 9:22
  • B2- Reflection – 11:08



  1. hey,
    I have a copy of Opiate that is not listed above
    it seems like the repress to every detail mentioned above..
    the jacket, the centre labels, etc..
    the etch is Undertows Cat #.
    side A plays Intolerance, prison Sex, Sober
    side B plays Bottom, crawl away, swamp song
    any record of this misprint? is it rare?

  2. @Ryan – The songs you listed are from Undertow. Side A and B of vinyl 1 of 2. It seems to me you may have gotten an Undertow (1st of 2 vinyls) in an Opiate cover??? Can you describe the picture on the center of the vinyl you have?

  3. @Ryan – Sorry, you stated the center is just like what’s listed above. I’m somewhat at a loss…but i’m sure the songs are from Undertow just as I just mentioned.

    Hey, FYI, the forums on here may get more attention within the bootleg section. Admin put it out there recently and is pretty cool!

  4. Simon (Site admin) April 9, 2012 at 3:28 pm

    Thanks Eric, Yes Ryan if you make a post in the forum and attached a photo or two that may help.


  5. @Ryan – That copy you have was from one of the batches of represses. There’s two different error pressings. One version plays Side B of Opiate on both sides. The other is obviously your copy which is the first disc of the Undertow reissue that came out at the same time but they just put the Opiate center label on a large batch of them by mistake and they ended up in stores. There’s a pretty fair amount of both screwed up versions out there so it’s not all that rare. I’m sure there’s certain collectors that would want the misspress and the wrong labeled copy just as kind of an “oddball” collectible. Hope this helps. As Eric mentioned, there’s now a forum section for this site so go ahead and sign up if you’d like. It’s a lot easier to navigate as you don’t have to read through one giant, continuous comment string.

  6. Hi there, I just ran across your site and can’t tell you how glad I did. I collect music on CD/LP. After seeing a lot of the items on ebay I would have never realized how many fakes are out there. This site has saved me a lot of grief and will look at the other legit site that have been posted on here. Thanks for a great site!

  7. Hi there, Im new in LP collection but I love TOOL. I have been searching for TOOL LP all over online store. I bought Opiate, Lateralus ( Pic LP ) & 10,000 Days ( Double Red LP ) from Amazon.
    Recently I found Aenima LP from listed
    release from UK 14 TRACK, 2LP SET IN GATEFOLD SLEEVE W/ 2 INSERTS, PRESSED ON 180 GRAM COLORED VINYL. With all the info I get from this site. I believe this is the bootleg copy and same to 10,000 Days LP. Is anyone familiar with, is this site save to purchase LP?? I did bought some BEATLES & LEP ZEP LP all stated press on colour vinyl. I guess those are all bootleg too. How would i know that im purchasing a genuine LP thru online?? Need some expertise advise over here.. thks

  8. The forum is broken at this moment, so I needed to ask this question quickly. Does the original (1st pressing) of Opiate have a “black” center label while the re-pressings have “white” center labels on the vinyl?

  9. Simon :: site admin June 20, 2012 at 4:55 pm

    Thanks for the heads up about the forum, I had to run a few updates. All fixed now.

  10. @Eric – Yes, the original Opiate has dark center labels and all later pressings have white labels. The original Opiate is also the only version that comes with a printed inner sleeve.

  11. @Adrian – Both the Aenima and 10,000 days you mentioned are definitely bootlegs. It’s hard to tell what you’re getting when buying online but I’ll give you a few tips. First, ask sellers questions, if they’re sketchy, it’s a boot. The main thing is utilize a website called It’s a discography website and it has tons of information about legit releases and if you look to the sidebar for a particular artist, it lists bootlegs as well (lists them as “unoffcial releases.” Hope this helps.

  12. @Brian- Thks for the info. To bad I hv ready purchased the 10,000 Days LP. Now Im looking for Undertow LP but before I go for it would like to get some advise from you guys first. I found one online with release date on 1996 by Volcana press on one LP and another stated press on two LP by Zoo. Im so confused. So the official release & reissue are actually press on how many LP. Appreciate anyone of your advise. Thks

  13. @Adrian – There’s various pressings of Undertow. No bootlegs, all are official. The very first pressings came on single LPs. There’s a clear promo version and a grey version that was released for retail. Those two are the hardest to find versions (and are most desired by people that buy records for collecting purposes). I buy records for listening so I prefer the 2LP pressings. There’s a fair amount of different versions of the 2LP but the very first version is the one the comes with two printed inner sleeves. It’s the best sounding version out of all of them.

    We have a message board on this site so feel free to sign up and post away. It’s a lot more organized than this section. Look for the tab near the top that says ‘forum’ and get signed up if you’d like.

  14. @Brian – Thks Brian. I found one copy of Undertow online stated 1996 repress in single LP in non-gatefold. But the only thing missing is the Parental Advisory sticker that the seller mentioned not on the LP. Is this a legit LP?? Did Undertow release in double LP as well ??
    Btw i able to return the 10,000 Days bootleg LP to the seller.. sigh 🙂

  15. @Adrian – It’s legit as there’s no Undertow bootlegs. I just don’t know what version of Undertow you’re looking for. Feel free to look at that Discogs site as it has pretty much all the versions of Undertow for reference. And yes, Undertow was released as a double LP. It was originally a single LP as I mentioned in my last comment.

    Good thing you’re able to return the bootleg 10,000 Days.


  16. does it matter whether or not the vinyls are bootlegs? i want to buy the red 10,000 days vinyl but im afraid it will sound like crap when i get it. can someone tell me about this? btw is the lateralus picture discs bootlegs?

  17. Zeb: I have the 10000 Days Vynil and its sound good not like an official but its OK. and The lateralus Picture Disc are not Bootleg!!!

  18. I want to know with absolute certainty that colored Anemina albums are bootlegs, so where is the evidence that they are fakes? I don’t mean to sound harsh, but I can’t just go on your saying so. Please show me the facts, official documents & what not, that the case is that all colored Tool Aenima albums are bootlegs.
    Thank you

  19. I bought a solid yellow copy of Aenima on vinyl earlier this year off of ebay. After looking at this site, I realized it was a fake. I bout it anyway because the price was low and it looked so damned cool. When I received it and played it I noticed that I had to turn the gain up farther than normal on the mixing console. A few months later I was fortunate enough to come across an original pressing. The cover wasn’t in the best shape but the records were great. When I put this original record through the same channel on the mixer I had to turn the gain back down by a lot. I later found out that the colored copies were pressed using the CD as the audio source as opposed to using the original master tape. Which makes sense to me, considering the large decibel difference between the original and bootleg copies. Not to mention, on the original black vinyl, the track Useful Idiod starts at the end of H. and continues in the runout groove where it will repeat endlessly if you let it. Then on side two the noise Useful Idiot swells into Forty-six and Two. On the colored bootlegs Useful Idiot is a stand-alone as it was on the CD. I hope this helps you out.

  20. Hello. Do you know if there are an official vinyl releases of Lateralus besides the 2 LP picture disc? I know there is a promotional copy containing only some of the tracks and is not the enitre album. I see that there is a copy listed on ebay that says black vinyl, has all of the tracks and the artwork is different than the picture disc and looks official and legit. The item number is121015451990. I know that there are other bootlegs of this album with a cover that looks like the inside of the cd versions artwork. They come in blue and purple vinyl. I own one of these bootlegs because I got a good deal on it. I also own the Salival vinyl, which I hear is also a bootleg. Are these bootlegs made from the cd as the main source versus the orginal recordings? Will they sill sound good on vinyl? I also see numerous copies of 10,000 days, which al appear to be bootlegs. None come with any sort of artwork. I bought one once, played it and it sounded good but I returned it once I found out it was a bootleg. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks!

  21. Hey Rowan,
    That same seller has sold that same album with the exact same pictures at least 5 times now in 2013. It smells funny to me.

    I’m trying to buy a Lateralus vinyl but I’m sceptical about the availability on eBay. There seems to be an abundance of this “Limited Edition” album available, sealed and brand new. I’m not interested in lining a bootleggers pocket.

  22. Simon :: site admin April 5, 2013 at 3:10 pm

    @ Rowan – Yeah that AENIMA looks dodgy to me, anything sealed is going to be hard to prove….but why would he have 5 copies to sell if it was a rare keep sake from the late 90’s.

    @Despotic – Lateralus is easy to buy legit copies, there aren’t many bootlegs like there are with Aenima. Here’s a couple:

    link removed – dead

    Look for the sticker. Also they are not very rare, so there’s no real reasons for bootleggers to make a big deal out of them…so even though it says limited, it’s not really.

  23. Ok, I have read through this entire thread and also cross referenced with and there seems to be some muddled info. regarding Aenima. I have two used copies I bought on ebay for a little over $100 in 2010.

    I cross referenced with your pics in “Tool Vinyl Artwork”.
    The catalog # and barcode matches your 6th pic. under “Aenima original pressing.”
    I have played both and side A ends with the locked groove record sound.
    HOWEVER there is no catalog # on the spine. So I’m confused if I have:

    or the german bootleg:
    If I had the german bootleg the record would NOT have the side A locked record sound, but if I had a legit US copy it would have the catalog # on the spine…so what do I have?

    It seems this question was asked by:
    Michael Green on January 31st, 2011 10:03 pm in this thread, but there never was a clear answer. Does anybody know? Thanks for your help.

  24. @Ryan – I have all three versions of Aenima. The one you are referring to I have as well “and” the catalog number is not on the spine. I found another copy of it for around the same price not long ago and bought it like idiot (should’ve known better)…but anyway, after some close inspection I noticed the font was different on the back warning which indicated to me it was a fake. Here’s a picture of my legit and the fake (with the legit being on the bottom).

    Now, I was told a while back this particular release did not have the catalog number on the spine on every copy…but I could be wrong. Admin or someone, please chime in for us. Thanks!

  25. @Eric

    Thanks Eric.

    Hmmm…so the font on the official version is not quite as sharp. Interesting this detail is not discussed on Discogs or anywhere else. So admin. is the copy I own a fake?

    Is there any difference in sound quality between the two, or is the fake sourced from a cd? I got to say if it is a fake it sounds pretty good.

  26. Hi,
    Im looking at buying the lateralus vinyl and im trying to find out if the stickered limited edition was the only release. Ive been to multiple record shops and they all have sealed copies that still have the metallic foil and pictured vinyls but just missing the small limited edition sticker on the front. But the branded limited edition and non stickered versions are the same price,whats fake and or real?


  27. I found Aenima with the following information (the record appears to be a 1st pressing of it), the catalog number is this one 61422-31144-1. I had my doubts since this catalog number doesn’t appear on this page but I found information on it:
    (CD/C/LP)(61422 31144-2/-4/-1)
    Do you think this is a fake?

  28. CharlestonChew March 29, 2014 at 8:50 pm

    I agree with Credulous_sap in saying that you have these wrong. @brian. The first original pressing has the zoo and bmg logo on it.

    Credulous_Sap on June 17th, 2011 3:43 am
    Question: (If youre still answering them)
    Are you sure that the nima pressings you have listed arent swapped?
    nima came out on vinyl on September 17, 1996. BMG owned Zoo but sold them in August of 1996. A month before the album came out. Wouldnt that mean that the vinyl with the BMG and the Zoo logo on the back would be the first pressing? If BMG owned the Zoo label, they would have definitely put their logo on the back also. I cant see Zoo pressing the album and then pressing it again with the logo of the label that just sold them. That doesnt make any sense?
    What are your thoughts?

    I noticed the admin never answered you on this and has yet to prove without a reasonable doubt which one was pressed originally. People are spending a lot of money on these and only going off of this site which is ridiculous.

  29. Dear Tool Expert

    I did bought the AENIMA 2 lp on orange clear vinyl, is this unofficial release??
    I don’t mind at all, sound is fantastic and art. I just need to know.


  30. Does anyone know what UPC # should be under the barcode on Pressing B (2nd Pressing) of the Aenima 2xLP? I have a copy that lists 72445 11087 1 on the lower back spine as described above but the number under the barcode is 614223108711

    Thank you


  31. Hello,

    As I’ve pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I will not afford an original aenima vinyl, and the fact that I want to play it and look at the art, not just leave in sleeve anyway…… Has anyone compared the sound quality and print quality of one of these “re-issues”?

    Cheers guys!

  32. The other day I received in the mail my sealed copy of Tool’s Undertow promo album…No cut outs no promo markings. Just a little creased on the corners but cellophane is completely intact and it truly is sealed. I just wish I could tell which version is in this still sealed beauty, the grey or the clear green? Now I do have a questions for all your tool vinyl lovers out there. Is the Grey copy or the clear green copy move valuable? I which ever one it is, it’s never getting opened but I would be interested in knowing what you all think. Thanks!


  33. Yes I’m curious as I am considering selling. I have both pressings in mint condition and sealed that I know came directly from the record company. I agree that the descriptions here do not quite add up.

    what I have:

    Pressing 1: Has Zoo and BMG logo on the bottom of reverse side – catalog # (6-1422 31087-1-1) – has smaller Tool Aenima logo on spine – no catalog # on spine – cellophane sealed down center of reverse – seam overlaps about 1″ – parental advisory sticker on front bottom right – album sticker on front bottom middle – everything else matches up. This is a Promo copy with small saw cut in spine !” from bottom

    Pressing 2: Has only Zoo logo on reverse side bottom – catalog # (6-1422-31145-1-4) – has larger Tool Aenima logo on spine – catalog # is on spine – cellophane is sealed much more neatly on the right edge – parental advisory sticker on front bottom right – album sticker on front top right.

    This is also Promo copy with small hole punch in typo right corner

    FWIW I know that these came from the record company and I have seen exactly matching copies of both pressings.

    any thoughts?


  34. Hi I found this on ebay and it looks fake and I’d thought I should check because it looks well made and I haven’t seen it before or on your list of bootlegs. So I hope someone knows for she because if its real it would be awesome to have.

    link removed – dead

  35. I had just sold a copy of aenima on eBay that I’ve had way before the European colored boots came out. The shrink had the aenima sticker at the bottom center and the parental advisory to the right. Has all the right mate kings on the back. I posted many pictures of all the contents including close ups. Both records are black with the correct labels on them. Bids went up to $400.
    Now the buyer is telling me that they are fake and that my record was the best fake he had ever seen! Really bums me out! He wants to return it.
    Is there a chance that really good fakes were produced about 7 or 8 years ago. I had paid over $300 bucks for this then. I hope this guy is not trying to pull a fast one on me. Apparently I never listened to it but he says there are no lock grooves on it. My question is are there other fakes out there not from Europe printed perfectly on black vinyl with the same stickers on the shrink wrap before the European fakes came out? Please let me know! This is costing me a shit load with my insuring this and shipping for this guy that wants to return it for a full refund! Thanks! I tried to look for other fakes and I can’t find one like the one I had and sold!

  36. Justin:

    Sorry late to the party but I don’t believe that was a fake. There were two pressings, one with and one without the locked groove at the end of side A. I believe the darker, more vivid labels had the locked where the lighter brownish tan label pressing had no locked runout groove. I may be wrong on this but check the guide again, it should tell you.

  37. Regarding the non existing audiophile LP ‘Lateralus’

    It really bugs me that this album is only availible on the substandard picture disc format. The sound on pic discs is poor and I have serious doubts that it’s a different mix than the HDCD. Pretty useless if so.

  38. I just bought a copy of lateralus and the discs are white, is this a bootleg? I bought t at a record store. But I’m skeptical after seeing all the pictures online

  39. I just bought a copy of lateralus and the discs are white, is this a bootleg? I bought t at a record store. But I’m skeptical after seeing all the pictures online. Let me know back via email if possible

  40. So I just want to buy an original Armenia lp. Anyone have a link to where they know it’s a real one? Much appreciated guys.

  41. Hi
    Just got opiate on Vinyl. Side B does not seem to be double grooved. Lotus experience plays at the end of opiate. Also both sides have the same etched info (apart from letters A and B respectively) Also near the middle of the record I can see “Welcome to 1979” stamp like writing. Any idea what the fuck is this?
    Thanks for answeres!

  42. Hi all
    I have a question. My girlfriend got me “Opiate” on vinyl. I read here that side B should be double cut. Mine isn`t. Lotus Experience plays after opiate at the end of side B. Also etching seems to be the same number on both sides 61422-31027-1-A and 61422-31027-1-B.

    Additionally on close to the middle I can see “stamp like” writing saying: Welcome to 1979. Can anyone tell me what the hell is this thing?

  43. Kamil,

    “Welcome to 1979” is the company who did the mastering, based in Nashville.

    However, what I want to know is what the deal is with the new European “reissues” of Opiate and Undertow that apparently were just released on April 14th. Are they bootlegs? Just seems odd that they just popped up out of nowhere. I would think that a first time European release on vinyl would generate some write ups and buzz leading up to release.

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