Tool Aenima, Original Pressing, SEALED, 2 LP, 1996 Vinyl Record 72445-11087-1


1996, Zoo Entertainment/BMG, Printed in U.S.A., 72445-11087-1, code barre : 61422-31087-11
Origine certifiée car obtenu directement de la maison de disques BMG en 1996
Absolument neuf, cellophané d’origine, jamais ouvert car j’avais reçu aussi le CD pour écoute…
Envoi soigné et protégé, remise en mains propres possible
1996, Zoo Entertainment / BMG, Printed in U.S.A., 72445-11087-1, barcode: 61422-31087-11
Originally certified because obtained directly from the record company BMG in 1996
Absolutely new, cellophane of origin, never opened because I had also received the CD for listening …
Sending neat and protected, hand delivery possible

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